Smart factory using AI

  • torsdag / 11 oktober / 2018
  • 10:00-10:25
  • Scen A-hall


Creating diagnostics analytics solutions in industrial operations has long required expert data scientists with a deep understanding of the specific application to be analyzed. Those experts then require weeks weeks, months or even years to understand and model the system.
Thanks to the power of AI this analythics can be performed fast and directly correct disturbance in the production plant.
Smart manufacturing requires the use of new and disruptive technologies such as AI to create the future industrial plants, and supply networks that are flexible, efficient, responsive, and secure. AI can help manufacturers unlock data, contextualize it, and take the right action.
With AI, Industrial operations can be modelled, monitored and optimized. By using the connected enterprise concept vertical integration is enabled from the Plant Floor up to the ERP system and analythics at device, machine or enterprise level can be performed.
I like to give a speach of what is already today possible to do and what is important topics to consider to prepare the automation system to enable AI in near future.

Henri Putto Acting Sales Manager, Sweden OEM & Field Business Leader Nordics, Architecture and Software Rockwell Automation

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