IIoT in Reality, Discrete Manufacturing

  • torsdag / 11 oktober / 2018
  • 15:30-15:55
  • Scen A-hall


Digitization creates brand new conditions for industrial companies – new business models, higher efficiency and better understanding of production and the products created. Industrie 4.0 is today a well-established concept for the connected factory, originally Germany’s future industrial strategy. Here, it is said that a smarter industry using new technologies is a prerequisite for meeting the tougher international competition, also by connected end-products. One sees a paradigm shift, also called the fourth industrial revolution, after the steam engine, the electricity and the great times of the computers. What do you have to think about, what parts are included?

Niklas Kvarnström Head of IIoT, M2M and Smart Devices Cybercom

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